Kabeldon distribution boards from ABB serve as the hub for charging electric cars.

Göteborg Energi chose Kabeldon distribution boards due to their function and simplicity.

Göteborg Energi has begun a project for preparing the residents of Gothenburg and the company itself for increased use of electric cars. As a part of this project, selected public parking lots have been equipped with charging posts for electric cars. One of these is a parking lot at the Science Park in the city’s Lindholmen district, set up in collaboration with the energy company Vattenfall, and another is a parking lot in the Kålltorp district, set up in collaboration with the Saxborn Fasigheter property management company. To supply the charging posts and parking vending machines with power, Göteborg Energi chose Kabeldon distribution boards from ABB.

Göteborg Energi is western Sweden’s leading energy company, providing electricity grids, district heating, complete services for heating, gas, cooling and energy, as well as communications.

The choice fell to Kabeldon distribution boards.
To supply the charging posts and parking vending machines with power, Göteborg Energi chose Kabeldon distribution boards.

“That we chose Kabeldon distribution boards was because of the cabinets’ function,” says Roger Johansson, project manager at Göteborg Energi. “They’re easy to set up, don’t take any space and are easy to access. Plus they can handle all types of weather without having to be enclosed.

“It’s also a type of standard equipment that is readily available,” Roger adds.

At Lindholmen, a smaller distribution board was installed that is fed with one incoming line. From there, a line then runs to each of the two charging posts and one to the parking ticket vending machine.

In Kålltorp, the distribution board is significantly larger because here it needs to supply power to 25 charging posts. In this case, six charging posts per group are supplied from a distribution board with current transformer measurement. The charging station in Kålltorp is the largest in Sweden.

According to Göteborg Energi’s vision, there will be 30,000 to 40,000 electric cars in Gothenburg in ten years. There are plans to create 10,000 charging outlets.

Excellent for the application
ABB’s product manager Torleif Henriksson has this to say about Göteborg Energi’s investment: “Kabeldon distribution boards are excellent for this application. They’re perfect for installation in open areas, take little space and constitute a robust solution. It’s gratifying for us that Göteborg Energi has built up supply to the charging posts according to our principles.”

Notable is that the charging posts at the parking lot in Lindholmen are also from ABB.

Customer need

  • Power supply to charging posts


  • Kabeldon distribution board

Customer benefit

  • Conserves space
  • Safe and easy-to-use distribution board
  • Withstands arctic climate
  • Robust and durable

Roger Johansson, project manager at Göteborg Energi, reports that Kabeldon distribution boards are perfect when it comes to distributing power to charging posts.

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