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SACE Emax 2 - Smaller and more efficient

The customer

ILS Electro Mechanical Supplies Ltd was founded in 1989. The company’s core business is the production of IEC 61439-compliant low voltage panels, approved by the Israeli Standards Institute for manufacturing of unlimited current low voltage electrical switchgear assemblies.

The challenge

The volume of power installed in Data Center requires significant efforts to maximize the efficiency: Data Center designers are constantly searching for solutions to optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) and power usage effectiveness (PUE) of facilities. A Data Center’s electrical infrastructure must be correctly sized, not only to support the critical load of the computing equipment and auxiliary systems (e.g. cooling, lighting, power conditioning, etc.), but also to leave the maximum usable footprint for the computing equipment.

While developing a new Data Center for a financial services organization, ILS Electro Mechanical Supplies faced the challenge of providing low voltage main distribution systems able to:

  • Reduce the area dedicated to electrical infrastructure to increase the footprint of IT equipment;
  • Guarantee the highest reliability and safety, by integrating measurements and events logs into a DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) system through Modbus RS-485;
  • Improve the total accuracy of energy measurement with a class 1 metering device for currents, 0.5 for voltages, 2 for power and energies.

The ABB solution

SACE Emax 2 series air circuit-breakers offer tailored performance to meet the demands of today’s demanding data center installations. Four sizes are available to create switchgear with compact dimensions and high performance, with main busbars of optimized length and cross-sections.
The installation of 50 SACE Emax 2 E1.2 up to 1600A; 60 E2.2 up to 2500A; and 20 E4.2 up to 4000A resulted in 20% saving in footprint for electrical infrastructures switchboard, providing an additional 15 sqm available for IT equipment. The SACE Emax 2 breakers were equipped with the new trip unit Ekip Touch; no other embedded trip unit on the market can provide 1% accuracy in current (class 1 in accordance with IEC 61557-12).
All the measurements and the trip units’ historical logs (events, measurements, trips) are continuously available in the Data Center Infrastructure Management system via Modbus RTU, through the integrated Ekip Com Modbus RS485 module.