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New ABB SACE building

Load Management with Ekip Power Controller for SACE Emax 2

The Customer

ABB SACE Division, leading company in the research and development of low voltage air and moulded-case circuit-breakers, is now fitting out its new building in Bergamo (Italy) with advanced automation technology systems. The purpose is to control the HVAC loads in an easy and automated manner. Thanks to Ekip Power Controller up to 400 kW of HVAC loads can be controlled with about 11000 € saving per year.

The Challenge

The goal is to reduce the total power absorbed from the Utility by this new building in order to save money and to contribute to a better behavior of the whole electrical system.
The electrical plant consists of 4 MV/LV transformers. For each of them a circuit-breaker SACE Emax 1.2 is installed as a general low voltage circuit-breaker. The purpose is to control the HVAC loads in an easy and automated manner.

The ABB Solution

To meet this goal, ABB offers the Ekip Power Controller solution. It is a software embedded into the electronic trip unit already used for overcurrent protection; hence, neither complex control systems nor dedicated software are necessary.
To realize the system, it is enough to have a single circuit-breaker provided with this function, installed as main low voltage circuit-breaker; therefore, in this application only one of the four main Emax 1.2 has to be equipped with Ekip Power Controller.
It is this circuit-breaker to decide, according to the set parameters and to the total energy absorbed by the grid (sum of the energy flowing through the four Emax 1.2), when and which load must be disconnected. A dedicated communication system called Ekip Link performs the remote command sent to the downstream device, and the communication among the four main Emax 1.2 to get the total power absorption.
This enables wiring between switchboards to be simplified to the use of only one Ethernet cable.