Ekip UP Protect and Protect+

Ekip UP Protect and Protect+ are the versatile protective relays. Besides monitoring capabilities, they offer a comprehensive list of ANSI protections for power distribution and generation.

As it is possible to be interfaced with every switching device, Ekip UP Protect ensures feeder protection sending opening and closing commands for trips or manual operations. Using it with switch disconnector, it is possible to guarantee the breaking capacity equal to the value of rated short-time withstand current (Icw) for  one second. If it works on an existing circuit breaker, it is possible to maintain its short-circuit breaking capacity, excluding current based protection on Ekip UP, and upgrade it with more functions.

Indeed, Ekip UP ensures current based protection as well as voltage ones, all excludible:

  • Overload, short-circuit instantaneous or delayed, differential and ground fault, current unbalance.
  • Under-over voltage, under-over frequency, synchrocheck, reverse power.

Ekip Protect+ adds also all the generator protections based on active and reactive power, adaptive settings and directional protections for power distribution grids:

  • Under-over active power, under-over reactive power, rate of change of frequency

    Besides, installing Ekip Protect+ is possible to get digital selectivity, plus distinguish restricted from unrestricted earth fault in medium voltage – low voltage substations.

    Both the two versions can be equipped with the sw-based innovations from the all-in-one electronics platform. These advanced features ensure service continuity and energy efficiency in the plants, reducing the complexity of programming thanks to the tools built-in Ekip Connect 3.0 commissioning software:

  • ATS (automatic transfer switch), fast load shedding, synchro reclosing capability, certified interface protection system.

Who has already got in practice with Emax 2 circuit breaker, he can find the same HMI and function configuration.

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