Ekip G

Protection trip units for generators.

Ekip G is the new trip unit on SACE Emax 2 for protecting generators. It contains the functions for electric protection of the machine and for monitoring the main critical parameters for connecting the generator to the plant.

The Ekip G trip unit is able to:
  • monitor the faults inside the machine (in the windings or in the energising circuit) whereby tripping the machine’s main circuit-breaker would isolate the generator from the rest of the plant without eliminating the fault;
  • monitor the interaction between the generator and the rest of the plant causing the two systems to be separated and protected when the conditions for interconnection are missing.

In both cases, programmable contacts are available that can be used to determine the switch-off of the generator and the first motor.

Ekip G, which is supplied as standard with the Ekip Measuring Pro module, comprises protection functions for specific current, frequency, voltage and power protection for generator protection.
For a complete picture of the available protections and for all the relative technical characteristics, see the technical catalogue of the SACE Emax 2 circuit-breaker.

Ekip G Touch

Ekip G Touch by SACE Emax 2 is the new protection trip unit designed for use in applications with generators, such as Genset, cogeneration and marine applications, in conformity to international standards IEC 60034-1 and IEEE C37.102. 

Ekip G Touch has been approved by the main shipping registers and enables the number of components installed, such as external protection devices, current sensors, voltage transformers and the relative cabling, to be reduced.

The reductions allow the installation to be significantly simplified. In addition, all the protection functions can be tested individually, using the Ekip T&P device that enables the function to be tested before commissioning.

Ekip G Hi-Touch

SACE Emax 2’s Ekip G Hi-Touch is the new benchmark for the protection of low voltage electric generators. It provides optimum protection, even in complex installations, due to exclusive functions such as protection against frequency creep and maximum directional current.

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