Ekip Link

Flexible solution to control and protect low voltage power system

Ekip Link is a new digital solution for low-voltage power systems. It provides centralized control and a unique protection advantage by using Ethernet cables.
Ekip Link handles communication between circuit breakers using an internal ABB proprietary bus. All circuit breakers can intercommunicate using a single Ekip Link connected to the main switch via Ethernet. This solution can reduce installation time by as much as 60 percent, improve reliability and safety and provide a flexible solution, whatever the power system configuration. Ekip Link provides a multitude of functions, without the need for expensive supervisory systems.

Using the ABB communication protocol, Ekip Link can:

  • Create complex logic selectivity without using complex wiring.
  • Provide redundancy, using both Ekip Link bus and standard wiring.
  • Provide configurable diagnostics to test wiring selectivity.
  • Allow remote access to system data using an internet browser.


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