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SACE Emax 2 is the new air circuit-breaker from ABB that can simplify every part of a project and provide a compact, flexible and safe product for any need. Emax 2 provides a set of functions so complete and advanced that it rivals those of medium voltage relays; the difference being that all wirings and software are embedded inside the breaker.
Emax 2 is also one of the safest breakers ever built: suitable rails and blocks make racking out and lifting up operations safer than ever. Moreover, a key lock in open position can be used while performing maintenance operations and the breaker springs are always covered during the installation of the accessories.


Emax 2 is able to provide plug-and-play solutions for any protection need: it can grant protection of the generator without the need for external dedicated relays, guarantee total selectivity using zone selectivity between upstream and downstream breakers and provide the maximum continuity of service thanks to the embedded directional protection (in the case of a fault on one transformer, only that transformer will be disconnected).


Traditional measuring (currents, voltages, powers, etc.) is granted by Emax 2 with first class accuracy: both current and voltages are measured according to IEC 61577-12 Class 1. Moreover, with Emax 2, integrated, true power quality analysis as a standard feature is a reality.


Not only Modbus or Profibus, but also Devicenet and Ethernet based protocols like Modbus TCP-IP, Profinet and IEC61850. Thanks to its IEC61850 communication capability, Emax 2 is the first low voltage breaker ever to be perfectly integrated in the Substation Automation world of possibilities.

Plant management and load control

Any time interruptible loads are available, Ekip Power Controller, a simple load management system, is available for
Emax 2. Using an advanced algorithm, Ekip trip units can implement an effective load shedding / load inserting routine, basing the actions on their accurate measurement.

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