Panel Builders

 All the advantages for Panel Builders

The new, cutting edge technology implemented in Emax 2 not only provides a complete new generation of trip units but also the most compact footprint ever seen in the LV distribution world. Inside this optimized envelope, ABB SACE created new solutions for its panel builder customers.

Easier connection to the busbars, easier installation of the breaker, easier connections in the terminal box are just the starting point. Enhanced safety is the second pillar, hinged on the new safe accessory area inside the breaker.

Last but not least, comes the communication. SACE Emax 2, for the first time in the LV market, offers the ultimate ensemble of communication options embedded inside the breaker; from twisted pair to Ethernet protocols, all the solutions are available.

Busbar friendly

New terminals. SACE Emax 2 terminals can be changed from horizontal to vertical on-site by rotating 90°. In addition to the flexibility this feature creates for the design and installation of switchboards, the terminals have been designed specifically to fit the most common bus sizes per amperage, creating fast, easy connection of one to four bus runs.

More connected

Every Emax 2 circuit breaker can be equipped with multiple cartridge-type communication modules that can be easily installed directly on the terminal box at any time. With the new terminal box with spring clamps, cabling has never been so easy: no tools are required for the connection.


Safe accessory installation. Removal of the main Emax 2 cover allows access to the accessory area only, not to the area containing the operating mechanism.


Ease of installation. Dedicated guide rails simplify movement and allow correct and locked positioning from “racked-out” to “test” to “racked-in”. Neutral pole flexibility. The neutral position for Emax 2 circuit breakers can be modified directly from the trip unit to change from N, L1, L2, L3 to L1, L2, L3, N.

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