Efficiency and control

The power needed, when needed.

SACE Emax 2 circuit breaker is the first single device ready to manage all the dynamics of a low-voltage electrical installation. Managing loads in any condition is now possible thanks to Advanced Functionalities such as:

Load shedding

Fast load shedding to guarantee continuity for critical loads during black-outs. Typical scenario is when LV distribution is disconnected from the grid (MV).

Power controller

Patented algorithm to reduce the peak of power consumed, allowing savings on electricity bills. Managing different power sources and connecting them to main grid is also crucial, so that service continuity is maximized.

Embedded ATS functions

An automatic transfer switch system used in all applications where continuity is essential and there are multi-source supplies.

Synchrocheck logics

Synchronization of voltage and frequency to allow plant reconnection to the Utility. SACE Emax 2 is able to act as a controller of the main grid condition, disconnecting a plant when necessary and adapting protection to on-grid and off-grid conditions.

Interface protection system

Check of main grid conditions and plant disconnection whenever grid voltage and frequency are out of the ranges.

Adaptive protection

Network changes recognition and automatic set of thresholds to guarantee protection and coordination in on-grid and off-grid conditions.

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