A size for every requirement.

The SACE Emax 2 range is made up of 4 sizes: E1.2, E2.2, E4.2 and E6.2 up to 6300A, which enable switchgear of compact dimensions and high ratings to be built with busbars of reduced length and cross-section. The protection trip units, auxiliary connections and main accessories are the same throughout the range to simplify design and installation. Furthermore, the sizes from E2.2 to E6.2 have the same height and depth.

The rating levels are updated and standardized throughout the sizes to meet the demands and needs of today’s installations, from 42kA to 150kA, and standardize switchgear projects. High short-time currents, together with the efficiency of the protection functions, guarantee complete selectivity in all situations.

Accurate design and choice of materials enable optimization of the overall dimensions of the circuit breaker. In this way switchgear of compact dimensions can be built and outstanding savings at the same performance can be obtained.

The SACE Emax 2 range is extended also to the UL market, up to 6000A. Furthermore, it can be ordered with a triple marking label (IEC, UL and CCC).

SACE Emax 2 air circuit breakers are certified for Class 1 active energy measurement in compliance with the IEC61557-12 standard. This permits to satisfy highly demanding requirements of energy efficiency and to perfectly fit into SCADA systems thanks to a current detection proximal to 0.

New advanced functionalities, together with Protection trip units and Communication and system devices contribute to make SACE Emax 2 the circuit breaker that maximizes efficiency in all low-voltage electrical installation.

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