SACE Otomax

Air circuit breaker series launched in 1961, was available in different versions and is now obsolete

With two frame sizes (P2C and P3C), SACE Otomax covered models with uninterrupted rated current Iu from 1000 to 5000A and guaranteed high performance both in alternating current (up to 660V AC) and in direct current (up to 500V DC). It included the K series of thermal relays, which were suitable for motors protection.
These circuit breakers introduced the first electronic opening relays: the S series.
The previous versions available were P1A, P2A, P3A, P1B, P2B, P3B, P1C, with rated interrupting current Iu from 800 to 5000A.

Service solutions

 Retrofit kits
 - Cradle In Cradle Retrofit Otomax W with New Emax (IEC)
 - Hard Bus Retrofill with Emax 2 and New Emax

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