Thermal-magnetic E150 molded case circuit breakers – series TEB, TED, THED

Reliable circuit protection

GE by ABB series TEB, TED and THED molded case circuit breakers are ideal for use in switchboards, motor control centers, lighting panelboards and power panelboards. They’re also often used as Enclosed Circuit Breakers for numerous applications.

  • Proven reliability and cost-effectiveness
    The dependable, economical thermal-magnetic trip unit protects against overloads and short circuits, tripping to open the circuit and protect the conductors. When normal conditions are restored, the breaker can be closed to the ON position again. Circuit breakers reduce downtime and eliminate the need for fuse replacement.
  • Versatility to suit different applications
    Multiple types, series TEB, TED and THED, are available to suit different applications.E150 breakers offer short-circuit ratings of 18 kA at 600 V AC and 65 kA at 240 V AC. 15 to 150 amp units in 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions offer 34.9 mm (1.375 inch) per-pole spacing.

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