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Budget Contractor Pack

  • Flame retardant, self extinguishing material
  • 10 metre Type PP Polypropylene - 20mm - 25mm available
  • Pack of 10 one-piece Adaptalok PP fittings - 20mm-25mm available  
  • 10 Nylon locknuts
  • Medium UV resistance
  • Temperature range: Static Applications: -20ºC to +90ºC
    Temperature range: Dynamic Applications: -5ºC to +105ºC
  • IP54 rating 

Typical applications

  • High chemical resistance industrial applications
Parts list
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Type Type Conduit/fitting diameter
One-piece conduit fittings Locknuts IP rating
CP-AF20BS-PP 10m Grey Type PP Polypropylene, 20mm diameter 20 10 10 IP54
CP-AF25BS-PP 10m Grey Type PP Polypropylene, 25mm diameter 25 10 10 IP54
CP-AF20A-APP Pack of 10 Grey Fittings (Straight), 20mm diameter 20 10 - IP54
CP-AF25A-APP Pack of 10 Grey Fittings (Straight), 25mm diameter 25 10 - IP54

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