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Anti-microbial liquid tight high temperature covered Galvanised Steel flexible conduit. Suitable for food zone non-contact areas.

  • Galvanised steel core with string packing (string packed up to 32mm)
  • Anti-microbial protection incorporated into a FDA, EC and FSA compliant DuPont Hytrel® thermoplastic jacket 
  • IP40 - IP69 rated
  • Temperature range up to -50ºC to +130ºC
  • Approvals: CE, BS EN 61386-1,-23, NSF 14159-1-2014 & NSF 169-2009
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High fatigue life
  • High chemical resistance
  • High flexibility

Typical applications

  • Suitable for food zone non-contact areas

'The integrated antimicrobial additive attacks bacteria that comes into contact with it, eliminating up to 86% of bacteria in the first 15 minutes and by up to 99% in just two hours'

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Part no. Conduit size Dimensions GID Codes for conduit length
Metric (mm) US (Trade size) Outside Dia. (A) Inside Dia. (B) Bend Radi (C) 10m 25m 50m - -
SAMHL16 16 3/8” 17.8mm 12.5mm 50mm 7TCA296030R0436 7TCA296030R0437 7TCA296030R0438 - -
SAMHL20 20 1/2” 21.1mm 15.9mm 80mm 7TCA296030R0439 7TCA296030R0440 7TCA296030R0441 - -
SAMHL25 25 3/4” 26.4mm 21.0mm 110mm 7TCA296030R0442 7TCA296030R0443 7TCA296030R0444 - -
SAMHL32 32 1” 33.1mm 26.7mm 144mm 7TCA296030R0445 7TCA296030R0446 7TCA296030R0447 - -
SAMHL40 40 1 1/4” 41.8mm 35.4mm 180mm 7TCA296030R0448 7TCA296030R0449 - - - -
SAMHL50 50 1 1/2” 47.5mm 40.4mm 240mm 7TCA296030R0450 7TCA296030R0451 - - - -
SAMHL63 63 2” 59.7mm 51.6mm 345mm 7TCA296030R0452 7TCA296030R0453 - - - -
Part number example: SAMHL20/50M, blue version SAMHL20/BU/50M. For conduit support use part number example SSPC20
Note1: Conduit is fully cleanable and will maintain full ingress protection under normal wet cleaning condtions with associated fittings
Note2: The anti-microbial additive containing inert ionic silver provides protection to the conduit against bacteria and other microbes
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