Type RT

Adaptalok & ATS Removal Tool

  • Polyamide (Nylon) 6
  • To provide easy removal of Adaptalok & ATS Fittings

Typical applications

  • Designed to help maintain system integrity
Parts list
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Part No GID Codes Size Pack
AL13RT 7TCA296050R0016 13mm 1
AL16RT 7TCA296050R0019 16mm 1
AL21RT 7TCA296050R0022 21mm 1
AL28RT 7TCA296050R0025 28mm 1
AL34RT 7TCA296050R0027 34mm 1
AL42RT 7TCA296050R0030 42mm 1
AL54RT 7TCA296050R0033 54mm 1
ALRTSET 7TCA296050R0035 n/a 1

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