Type SW

Thread Sealing Washer - Captive

  • Rubber - For use with Nylon threaded fittings
  • Nylon - For use with swivel metal threaded fittings
  • Metric, NPT and PF threads available

Typical applications

  • Designed to help maintain system integrity
Parts list
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TPE sealing washers (Metric thread)

Part No GID Code Colour Material Thread Size Pack Qty
SWM12 7TCA296050R0487 Black TPE M12 10
SWM16 7TCA296050R0488 Black TPE M16 10
SWM20 7TCA296050R0492 Black TPE M20 10
SWM25 7TCA296050R0497 Black TPE M25 10
SWM32 7TCA296050R0502 Black TPE M32 10
SWM40 7TCA296050R0506 Black TPE M40 10
SWM50 7TCA296050R0510 Black TPE M50 10
SWM63 7TCA296050R0514 Black TPE M63 10

Nylon sealing washers (Metric thread)

Part No GID Code Colour Material Thread Size Pack Qty
SWM16NY 7TCA296050R0491 Yellow Nylon M16 10
SWM20NY 7TCA296050R0496 Yellow Nylon M20 10
SWM25NY 7TCA296050R0501 Yellow Nylon M25 10
SWM32NY 7TCA296050R0505 Yellow Nylon M32 10
SWM40NY 7TCA296050R0509 Yellow Nylon M40 10
SWM50NY #N/A Yellow Nylon M50 10
SWM63NB 7TCA296050R0515 Yellow Nylon M63 10
SWM16NB #N/A Blue Nylon M16 10
SWM20NB #N/A Blue Nylon M20 10
SWM25NB #N/A Blue Nylon M25 10
SWM32NB #N/A Blue Nylon M32 10
SWM40NB #N/A Blue Nylon M40 10
SWM50NB #N/A Blue Nylon M50 10
SWM63NB 7TCA296050R0515 Blue Nylon M63 10
SWM16NBL 7TCA296050R0490 Black Nylon M16 10
SWM20NBL 7TCA296050R0495 Black Nylon M20 10
SWM25NBL 7TCA296050R0500 Black Nylon M25 10
SWM32NBL 7TCA296050R0504 Black Nylon M32 10
SWM40NBL 7TCA296050R0508 Black Nylon M40 10
SWM50NBL 7TCA296050R0512 Black Nylon M50 10
SWM63NBL 7TCA296050R0516 Black Nylon M63 10

Neoprene sealing washers (PG Thread)

Part No GID Code Colour Material Thread Size Pack Qty
SWPG07 #N/A Black Neoprene PG7 10
SWPG09 7TCA296050R0519 Black Neoprene PG9 10
SWPG11 7TCA296050R0520 Black Neoprene PG11 10
SWPG13 7TCA296050R0521 Black Neoprene PG13.5 10
SWPG16 7TCA296050R0522 Black Neoprene PG16 10
SWPG21 7TCA296050R0523 Black Neoprene PG21 10
SWPG29 7TCA296050R0524 Black Neoprene PG29 10
SWPG36 7TCA296050R0525 Black Neoprene PG36 10
SWPG42 #N/A Black Neoprene PG42 10
SWPG48 7TCA296050R0527 Black Neoprene PG48 10

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