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Type C90 - Adaptaseal

90º Elbow Fitting - Fixed External Male Thread

  • Polyamide (Nylon) 66 fitting
  • For use with: Type PA / CP / PR & PF conduits
  • Temperature range - Static Applications: -40ºC to +120ºC
    Temperature range - Moving Applications: -5ºC to +120ºC
  • IP66 - IP69 rated
  • For insertion into threaded entries & knockouts. Locknut supplied with METRIC THREAD ONLY

Typical applications

  • Designed to help maintain system integrity
Parts list
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Part no Nominal conduit size (mm) Metric thread Part no Nominal conduit size (mm) PG thread
ASF10/M16/C90 10 M16 ASF10/PG9/C90 10 PG9
ASF13/M16/C90 13 M16 ASF13/PG9/C90 13 PG9
ASF16/M16/C90 16 M16 ASF16/PG11/C90 16 PG11
ASF16/M20/C90 16 M20 ASF16/PG13/C90 16 PG13,5
ASF21/M20/C90 21 M20 ASF21/PG16/C90 21 PG16
ASC21/M20/C90 21 M20 ASC21/PG16/C90 21 PG16
ASF28/M25/C90 28 M25 ASF28/PG21/C90 28 PG21
ASC28/M25/C90 28 M25 ASC28/PG21/C90 28 PG21
ASF34/M32/C90 34 M32 ASF34/PG29/C90 34 PG29
ASC34/M32/C90 34 M32 ASC34/PG29/C90 34 PG29
ASC42/M40/C90 42 M40 ASC42/PG36/C90 42 PG36
ASC54/M50/C90 54 M50 ASC54/PG48/C90 54 PG48
For insertion into knockouts using a locknut. Locknut supplied with METRIC THREAD ONLY
To order quote part number & body colour, e.g. ASF10/M16/C90/BL
PF & NPT thread sizes available
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