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Thread converters Ex d e


  • Thread converters provide a method of matching threadforms on hazardous location equipment whilst ensuring the integrity and approval of the installation is maintained.

Product approvals

  • ATEX - Baseefa 07 ATEX 0247X
  • IECEx - IECEx BAS07.0090X
  • UL1203 - ETL (does not include M16 & 3/8”NPT or unplated brass products)
  • TR-CU - RU c-GB.AA87.B.00198
  • I M2 / II 2 GD, Ex d I Mb, Ex e I Mb, Ex d IIC Gb, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db
  • Class I Div1 ABCD, Class II Div1 EFG   


Parts list
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Metric thread

Male external thread
Nickel plated M16 M20 M25 M32 M40 M50 M63 M75
M16 EXN/M16-M20/E EXN/M16-M25/E
M20 EXN/M20-M16/R EXN/M20-M25/E EXN/M20-M32/E
M25 EXN/M25-M16/R EXN/M25-M20/R EXN/M25-M32/E EXN/M25-M40/E
M32 EXN/M32-M16/R EXN/M32-M20/R EXN/M32-M25/R EXN/M32-M40/E EXN/M32-M50/E
M40 EXN/M40-M16/R EXN/M40-M20/R EXN/M40-M25/R EXN/M40-M32/R EXN/M40-M50/E EXN/M40-M63/E
M50 EXN/M50-M16/R EXN/M50-M20/R EXN/M50-M25/R EXN/M50-M32/R EXN/M50-M40/R EXN/M50-M63/E EXN/M50-M75/E
M63 EXN/M63-M16/R EXN/M63-M20/R EXN/M63-M25/R EXN/M63-M32/R EXN/M63-M40/R EXN/M63-M50/R EXN/M63-M75/E
M75 EXN/M75-M16/R EXN/M75-M20/R EXN/M75-M25/R EXN/M75-M32/R EXN/M75-M40/R EXN/M75-M50/R EXN/M75-M63/R
NPT 3/8 EXN/038-M16/TC
NPT 1/2 EXN/050-M16/TC EXN/050-M20/TC EXN/050-M25/TC
NPT 3/4 EXN/075-M16/TC EXN/075-M20/TC EXN/075-M25/TC EXN/075-M32/TC
NPT 1 EXN/100-M16/TC EXN/100-M20/TC EXN/100-M25/TC EXN/100-M32/TC EXN/100-M40/TC
NPT 11/4 EXN/125-M16/TC EXN/125-M20/TC EXN/125-M25/TC EXN/125-M32/TC EXN/125-M40/TC EXN/125-M50/TC
NPT 11/2 EXN/150-M16/TC EXN/150-M20/TC EXN/150-M25/TC EXN/150-M32/TC EXN/150-M40/TC EXN/150-M50/TC EXN/150-M63/TC
NPT 2 EXN/200-M16/TC EXN/200-M20/TC EXN/200-M25/TC EXN/200-M32/TC EXN/200-M40/TC EXN/200-M50/TC EXN/200-M63/TC
NPT 21/2 EXN/250-M16/TC EXN/250-M20/TC EXN/250-M25/TC EXN/250-M32/TC EXN/250-M40/TC EXN/250-M50/TC
NPT 3 EXN/300-M16/TC EXN/300-M20/TC EXN/300-M25/TC EXN/300-M32/TC EXN/300-M40/TC EXN/300-M50/TC

NPT thread

Male external thread
Nickel plated NPT 1/2 NPT 3/4 NPT 1 NPT 11/4 NPT 11/2 NPT 2 NPT 21/4 NPT 21/2
M16 EXN/M16-050/TC
M20 EXN/M20-050/TC EXN/M20-075/TC
M25 EXN/M25-050/TC EXN/M25-075/TC EXN/M25-100/TC
M32 EXN/M32-050/TC EXN/M32-075/TC EXN/M32-100/TC EXN/M32-125/TC
M40 EXN/M40-050/TC EXN/M40-075/TC EXN/M40-100/TC EXN/M40-125/TC EXN/M40-150/TC
M50 EXN/M50-050/TC EXN/M50-075/TC EXN/M50-100/TC EXN/M50-125/TC EXN/M50-150/TC EXN/M50-200/TC
M63 EXN/M63-050/TC EXN/M63-075/TC EXN/M63-100/TC EXN/M63-125/TC EXN/M63-150/TC EXN/M63-200/TC
M75 EXN/M75-050/TC EXN/M75-075/TC EXN/M75-100/TC EXN/M75-125/TC EXN/M75-150/TC EXN/M75-200/TC
NPT 1/2 EXN/050-075/E
NPT 3/4 EXN/075-050/R EXN/075-100/E
NPT 1 EXN/100-050/R EXN/100-075/R EXN/100-125/E
NPT 11/4 EXN/125-050/R EXN/125-075/R EXN/125-100/R EXN/125-150/E
NPT 11/2 EXN/150-050/R EXN/150-075/R EXN/150-100/R EXN/150-125/R EXN/150-200/E
NPT 2 EXN/200-050/R EXN/200-075/R EXN/200-100/R EXN/200-125/R EXN/200-150/R
NPT 21/2 EXN/250-050/R EXN/250-075/R EXN/250-100/R EXN/250-125/R EXN/250-150/R EXN/250-200/R EXN/250-300/E
NPT 3 EXN/300-050/R EXN/300-075/R EXN/300-100/R EXN/300-125/R EXN/300-150/R EXN/300-200/R EXN/300-250/R

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