Harnessflex® Specialist Conduit Systems Case Study: Munro Vehicles

Learn how Harnessflex® Specialist Conduit Systems protect critical cables and connectors on the toughest terrains for Munro 4x4 Electric Vehicles

Founded in 2019, Munro Vehicles is a rapidly growing manufacturer of commercial and industrial use 4x4 Electric Vehicles based in East Kilbride, Scotland. Their vehicles have a robust body frame design and LFP battery architecture, meaning they are purpose-built to withstand the roughest terrains and harshest environments.

As fully electric vehicles, protecting electrical cables and connections on the Munro Vehicles in these tough conditions is crucial. This led to the electrical design engineers at Munro to work with and consult the Harnessflex® Specialist Conduit Systems team on their cable protection requirements.

View the Munro Case Study video here.

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