Multi-function conduit clips

3-in-1 circular clips for slit conduit that offer up to 50% greater resistance to compression and mechanical strain

Harnessflex multi-function conduit clips are designed to securely close slit conduit, preventing cable exposure. This reduces the risk of cable damage, improves crush strength of slit conduits and offers greater strain relief on all Harnessflex hinged fitting and conduit systems.

Harnessflex multi-function conduit clips are made from resilient PA66 material and provide additional compression strength to slit conduits. When applied, these conduit clips also help to maintain conduit integrity when strained, greatly reducing associated risks of gapping and severe damage to cables.

These conduit clips also provide a reducing function for hinged fittings, allowing smaller conduits to be installed securely into larger conduit outlets. Some clips can be clipped together to offer further reducing options, allowing inventory to be maximised and providing greater product installation flexibility for global harness-makers.

Features & benefits:

  • 3-in-1 multi-functional capabilities:
    Strengthens conduit - up to 50% greater resistance to compression
    Provides greater strain relief - increases snap out performance of all backshell and hinged fitting
    Facilitates numerous reducing options - enables size of the conduit used within a standard fitting or backshell to be stepped down when needed
  • External grooves to allow attachment of single piece fixing clips for ease of installation
  • Securely closes slit conduit to prevent cable exposure
  • Can be easily stacked to enable further reduction in conduit size
  • Suitable for all Harnessflex slit and un-slit conduits

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