Type SC - Solenoid connector interfaces

Sealed Fitting

Screw-thread straight and elbow connectable interfaces for circular solenoids, sensors and switches. These fittings are designed for use with all types of unslit Harnessflex conduit, maintaining maximum conduit bore.

  • IP67 - IP68 (2 bar for 30 minutes) SRN sealing bush protects against ingress of water and dust.
  • Polyamide (Nylon) 66
  • Temperature Range: -40ºC to +150ºC
  • Very high UV resistance 
  • Self extinguishing, low smoke toxicity & halogen free


  • ADR approved (NC conduits ONLY)
  • CE Mark to the low voltage directive 
  • RoHS Compliant to 2011/65/EU 
  • Conforms with end of life vehicle directive (ELV) EU200/53/EC 
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Elbow Fitting

Elbow Fitting Part No. Thread A Nut Colour
SC-M24-90 M24 x 1.0mm Black
SC-M27-90 M27 x 1.0mm Grey

Straight Fitting

Straight Fitting Part No. Thread A Nut Colour
SC-M24-S M24 x 1.0mm Black
SC-M27-S M27 x 1.0mm Grey

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