Harnessflex® Conduit Systems for Amphenol Electrical Connectors

Harnessflex conduit systems connect and protect electrical systems that power heavy duty vehicles

Connecting and protecting electrical wiring is essential to the performance and power of interconnected systems. As more applications integrate cable and conduit technology, Amphenol, a global industrial leader in connectors and specialized cable assemblies, and Harnessflex Specialist Conduit Systems are working together on high-performance electrical solutions to meet the evolving needs of heavy duty vehicles including those powered by EV.

The alliance brings together ABB and Amphenol engineers and industry specialists to expand on ABB’s existing product lines, including Harnessflex cable management solutions. From construction equipment and to heavy duty electric vehicles (EVs), the Harnessflex team have a long history of developing cable management solutions for the most demanding environments that meet or exceed industry standards.

Amphenol chose ABB to facilitate a combined offering of cable assemblies, connectors, accessories and specialized protection systems that easily integrate into high and low voltage wiring and are proven to withstand abrasion, stress, vibration, corrosive conditions and higher vehicle running temperatures.

Harnessflex conduit technology is used in a range of applications around the world such as heavy-duty agriculture and construction equipment, electric vehicles, as well as municipal buses, lorries and trucks. Based on evolving requirements and sustainability objectives, ABB works with vehicle makers, transportation providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on electrical wiring solutions.

To learn more about the Harnessflex conduit systems for Amphenol connectors, take a look below.

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