Harnessflex Solution for Maximum Ingress Protection

Harnessflex offers complete system solutions for the routing and protection of electrical wiring against damage by impact, mechanical abrasion, liquid ingress and corrosive salts. Using a Harnessflex conduit system ensures that vulnerable connectors are not exposed to the elements, impact of foreign bodies or jet washing, all of which can cause vehicle malfunction and failure.

Featuring a unique vibration friendly profile (VFP) as standard, as well as UV and heat stabilisation as standard, Harnessflex solid conduit systems provide 10-150% greater life expectancy in dynamic or vibrating applications, when compared with other products. 

System includes:

  • HFX solid conduit - With ingress protection up to IP67-68, Harnessflex solid conduits ensure the risk of any electrical failure is minimised by keeping critical wiring safe during routine cleaning/wash down
  • HFX sealed fitting - Designed to protect against high pressure washing, excessive cable strain and mechanical abrasion, a Harnessflex sealed fitting boosts protection to IP69 level.

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