Kopex-Ex metallic conduit systems

Kopex-Ex cable protection systems have been specifically designed to provide the optimal safe solution for protecting cables in hazardous areas. Our wide selection of metallic conduit systems are manufactured either in galvanized steel or stainless steel, providing liquid tight solutions for especially demanding hazardous environments.

All metallic conduit systems meet the strictest worldwide standards for use in explosive hazardous atmospheres including ATEX, IECEx and EAC Ex.

As well as our metallic conduits, we also offer a range of fittings specifically designed to maintain system integrity including fixed and swivel fittings, straights, 90° and 45° elbows. This also includes a wide range of cable glands to facilitate the installation and termination of most cable types, armoured and non-armoured in all applications, including EMC and heat-trace applications. To top it off, we also have a host of accessories including locknuts, enlargers, reducers and converters, to help facilitate quick and easy system installation.

Features & benefits include:

  • Steel/stainless steel core with polymer jacket, offering high IP rating and mechanical protection
  • High compression/crush strength
  • Tensile strength - pull off load under tension
  • Impact resistance
  • Inherent fire protection on uncoated versions
  • Corrosion resistant - stainless steel options
  • Braided - High level EMI screening with tinned copper overbraiding
  • Single entry fittings for a more manageable and cost-effective solution to hazardous area installations

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