Type GUN

Liquid resistant Space Saver for Covered Conduit

  • Nickel plated brass
  • Temperature range - Static Applications: -50ºC to +350ºC
    Temperature range - Moving Applications: -45ºC to +250ºC
  • IP54 as standard with KEBF & KEBT

Typical applications

  • General OEM Machinery
  • Lighting / Cable Track
  • Under-floor wiring, access flooring


  • BSI Kitemark KM-90009
  • CE Mark to the Low Voltage Directive
Parts list
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Part No. inal Conduit Size
GUN0101 10mm
GUN0202 12mm
GUN0303 16mm
GUN0404 20mm
GUN0505 25mm
GUN0606 32mm
GUN0707 40mm
GUN0808 50mm

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