PMA® EcoGuard™ BRND-Fitting

Straight, metric thread, ideal for machine building, installation and construction industries. 

Material + 

  • Made from 50% recycle based polyamide 6
  • Ingress protection: IP66 (EN/IEC 60529)
  • Part of ABB EcoSolutions portfolio
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Easy „push-in“ installation
  • Re-opening with screwdriver (for security reasons hand opening not possible)
  • Space saving due to compact design
  • Fits both conduit profiles - fine (T) and coarse (G)

Compatible with:

  • PMA EcoGuard Conduits
  • PMAFLEX Pro Conduits
  • PMAFLEX Multilayer Conduits
  • PMAFLEX Conduits
  • PMA Smart Line Conduits

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