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CobotClamp for fixation of PMA CobotKit at cobots

PMA CobotClamp for fixation of PMA CobotKit & CobotKit+ at axis 6 of a collaborative robot.

Metal clamp for collaborative robots (cobots) to fixate PMA CobotProtect™ – CobotKit & CobotKit+ at cobot end of arm (6th axis). Made from stainless, chromium-nickel steel. Allows mounting of BFH-0 system support to fixate PMA conduit or PMA CobotProtect™–Strain Relief. Easy to install and assemble. The ISO conform design allows installation on various cobot models.

BFH-0 system support is separately available or as part of PMA CobotProtect™ CobotKit & CobotKit+

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