General technical details EMC System


• Connectors and accessories made of high-grade, specially formulated polyamide 6
• EMC threaded components made of nickel plated aluminium
• Strain relief components made of nickel plated brass
• Free from halogens, REACH + ROHS compliant
• Self-extinguishing
• Temperature range: –40 °C to +105 °C, short-term to +160 °C
• 360° braid termination: high degree of safety in case of short-circuiting
• Low coupling resistances, low transfer impedances
• Disturbance signals, such as electrical signals and magnetic fields will be
  discharged to the housing/casing
• Very high impact resistance
• High conduit pull-out strengths
• Vibration proof connection to PMA conduits
• Can be pre-assembled in cable harness systems
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