Type NENV - Straight male fitting


  • Manufactured in modified Nylon 12
  • Nickel plated threads for extra strength
  • Approved for use in Ex eb and Ex tb environment
  • For use with XESX conduit only
  • Approved for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 22

Product approval

  • ATEX - SEV 15 ATEX 0121X
  • IECEX - IECEx SEV15.0009X
  • II 2 GD Ex eb Gb IIC Ex tb IIIC Db
  • Sizes 12-16mm -5°C to +85°C
  • Sizes 21-54mm -20°C to +85°C
  • IP66, IP68


Additional information

Part numbers

Part No


Min Bore



NENV0202 12mm 10mm M12 7TCA297120R0487
NENV0203 12mm 10mm M16 7TCA297120R0337
NENV0303 16mm 12mm M16 7TCA297120R0338
NENV0304 16mm 12mm M20 7TCA297120R0339
NENV0404 20mm 17mm M20 7TCA297120R0340
NENV0405 20mm 17mm M25 7TCA297120R0488
NENV0505 25mm 23mm M25 7TCA297120R0341
NENV0506 25mm 23mm M32 7TCA297120R0490
NENV0606 32mm 29mm M32 7TCA297120R0342
NENV0607 32mm 29mm M40 7TCA297120R0491
NENV0707 40mm 36mm M40 7TCA297120R0343
NENV0708 40mm 36mm M50 7TCA297120R0489
NENV0808 50mm 48mm M50 7TCA297120R0344
NENV0809 50mm 48m M63 7TCA297120R0345

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