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XESX range - Multi-layer nylon conduit

Anti static conduit approved for use in Ex e, Ex tb applications for Zones 1, 2, 21, & 22.

Product approvals

For use with EXPQ Fittings

  • ATEX: Baseefa08 ATEX003x
  • IECEx: IECEx BAS08.0001X
  • InMetro - UL-BR 15.0476X
  • TR-CU - RU C-GB.AA87.B.00198
  • CNEx - CNEX 15.1693X
  • II 2 GD, Ex e IIC Gb Ex tb IIIC Db

For use with NE, BE Fittings

  • ATEX:- SEV15ATEX0121
  • IECEX:- IECEx SEV15.0009
  • II 2 GD, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db

Special characteristics

  • Surface Resistivity < 10Ω
  • RTI 110°C

dts-product-approval-logo-atexdts-product-approval-logo-iec-exkopex-ex-product-approval-logo-segurancaEACEx kopex-ex-product-approval-logo-cnex

Additional information

Part numbers

Part No






XESX02* 13mm 10mm - 7TCA297120R0330
XESX03* 16mm 11.5mm - 7TCA297120R0331
XESX04* 21mm 16.5mm - 7TCA297120R0332
XESX05* 28mm 21.5mm - 7TCA297120R0333
XESX06* 34mm 27.5mm - 7TCA297120R0334
XESX07* 42mm 35.2mm 7TCA297120R0335 -
XESX08* 54mm 46.2mm 7TCA297120R0336 -
*To complete Part No, add length (30,50) e.g. XESX0450