Research and Development


Intensive research and development activity is a top priority at PMA every day.
To us, this means:

- Intensive, focused research
- Product development based on market needs
- Development of 300 customer-specific products and 130 recipes annually
- An in-house test lab
- Intensive product testing

ABB to revolutionize cable protection with smart devices concept
Using ABB Ability™ or a costumer specific cloud based platform, smart sensors will remotely report potential problems such as condensation and temperature fluctuations before expensive failures occur.

The new first-of-its-kind Cable Protection System smart sensor technology, currently under development in ABB’s Research & Development facility in Switzerland, will be designed to sense such problems as condensation or rising temperatures in the conduit that protects critical electrical cables. Using the analytical power and secure cloud-based communication platform, the system will remotely report and analyze data, allowing facility managers and engineers to keep tabs on their electrical cable protection through smart phones, laptops or other remote devices.

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