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Intensive testing, research and development activity is a top priority at PMA every day. That's why PMA is a market leader in the field of cable protection.

PMA cable protection from ABB are used globally, extensively in many areas and applications. The level of protection we have to offer to cables is constantly increasing. Extensive testing is therefore critical for research and development of new cable protection products as well as in quality control. Our products are tested to both international standards and internal test procedures. The internal PMA procedures are designed to supplement the international standards simulating real applications, testing to destruction finding the real limits of the product. 

PMA cable protection delivers innovative, customized solutions that aim to streamline testing processes:

- Product development based on market needs
- Two in-house test laboratories (Uster and Coleshill)
- Broad range of available test installations
- Intensive product quality testing over specified periods 

Our rigorous testing process helps ensure that your products align with all applicable requirements and expectations. To the extremes of cold to the extremes of heat and humidity. Our global team’s knowledge helps to stay ahead of requirements, materials and technologies. It gives our customer the confidence that our products perform without failure or problems, meet their expectations and all regulations.

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