Type CMAU- UL Listed

Type CMAU - General Purpose Reduced Wall Aluminum

UL Listed, Aluminum non-jacketed flexible metal conduits, also known as “Reduced Wall” or “Greenfield”, are used in many universal wiring applications.

Features & benefits:

  • Meets requirements of UL 1 for Flexible Metal Conduits (1/2” to 4” trade sizes)
  • Full compliance to IEC/EN 61386-1 requirements, CE Certified
  • Trade sizes from 3/8” to 4” (12mm to 103mm)
  • CMAU aluminum approximately 1/3 the weight of equivelant steel flexible metal
  • Suitable for use with T&B Fittings® and Steel City® fittings, listed for use with
    flexible metal conduits
  • Suitable for use with Iberville fittings, listed for use with flexible metal conduits


  • The CMAU conduit is intended for use as a metal raceway for wires and cable in
    accordance with National Electrical Code® (NEC®), Article 348
  • Permitted to be used in exposed and concealed locations (Section 348.10)
  • Grounding conductor requirement for flexible installations (Section 348.60)
  • Suitable as an equipment grounding conductor (Section 250.118)
  • Raceway connection to motors (Section 430.223)
  • Refer to CEC Rule 12-1000 for the proper use of CMAU flexible metal conduits.

Construction / Material / Finish:

  • High strength aluminum alloy
  • Helically wound, formed strip
  • Color: Metallic
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