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Stud technology for railway

The" Pull-out proof“ connection

The stud technology allows all power distribution configurations and improves wiring secureness thanks to “Pull-out proof" connection (stud+lug).

Main benefits

  • Reliable in harsh conditions for continuous operation guaranteed for rolling stock
  • Safety and protection thanks to secured wiring (captive wire connection)
  • More control in smaller space thanks to high density wiring (up to 4 conductors per block)
  • Usable in severe applications like tunnels thanks to our plastic material complying with the toughest flammability rating of the market

Main features

  • Connecting capacity up to 300mm2 (1000 Kcmil) for control and power distribution applications
  • Large scope of 1 and 2 studs  configurations
  • Different types of washers and nuts (Onduflex®, Trep®, Grover®)
  • Removable and rotating protective cover for easier wiring

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