WBX Series

The Furse WBX Series offers a range of moisture and dirt resistant enclosures for the convenient installation of any SPD. For signalling applications, they can be used with their associated CME with grey base and either a see-through or grey lid.

Features & benefits

  • Tough polycarbonate enclosures (except ABS WBX 2/G)
  • Weatherproof with IP resistance to dirt and water of IP56 or more
  • Clear lid enables easy visual inspection of the protector’s visual status indication (WBX 3, WBX 4, WBX D4, WBX 8, WBX D8, WBX M2, WBX M4)
  • Grey lid for applications not needing regular protector inspection (WBX 2/G, WBX 3/G, WBX 4/GS, WBX 8/GS and WBX 16/2/G)
  • For external CCTV and other installations requiring added security the WBX 4/GS and WBX 8/GS are supplied with an opaque lid and special secure head screws (plus tool)
  • Supplied complete with metal base (mounting) plate with pre-prepared mounting positions and fixing hardware for easy installation (except WBX 2/G which has a plain metal base)
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