Conductor network

The first choice faced by the designer of a structural lightning protection system is usually the type of conductor system to be used.

It will be a case of choosing the material required (copper or aluminium) and then the type of conductor required (flat tape, solid circular or stranded), as these will become the key components within the conductor network.

The conductor network is the means of intercepting and carrying the current of a lightning strike safely to the earth termination network, with IEC/BS EN 62305-1 & -3 offering the guidelines for the correct placement of the conductors.

Carry lightning current safely to earth through a Furse conductor network

As well as the conductors themselves, it is also important to select the correct system of fixings for each part of the conductor system.

At Furse, we can provide both copper and aluminium conductors, along with a range of metallic and non-metallic fixings to help meet a variety of lightning protection and earthing requirements.

These fixings are available for a wide range of modern construction materials, including brick, stone, plastic and metal.

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