Self-adhesive tape clip

Furse self-adhesive tape clips are manufactured from high grade synthetic polymers and are available in a range of sizes (see product information table).

Product details

  • Designed to secure conductors to surfaces that cannot be penetrated by a screw
  • Ideal for aluminium, spangled galvanized steel, colour coated steel, glass, perspex, enamel and stainless steel, etc.
  • UV stabilized against degradation by sunlight
  • Non-brittle to prevent cold weather water damage
  • For use on surfaces other than PVC roofing
  • Disc Ø 64 mm
  • Dressing tool accessory (DT100) enables flat tape to be set at roof level


  • IEC/BS EN 62561-4 (CA015-FU, CA020-FU, CA025-FU, CA040-FU)
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