By far the largest and most important component of any structural lightning protection or earthing system is the actual conductor, and is likely to be the initial consideration of a lightning protection or earthing system designer.

When designing a structural lightning protection system using the Faraday Cage principle, it is possible to use one or more conductor systems; namely flat tape, solid circular or stranded cable.

The decision about which type to use is often based more on country-specific historical preferences or aesthetic considerations than the superiority of one type over another. Here at Furse, we offer high quality conductors, plus appropriate fittings, for all three systems.

Furse Conductors for structural lightning protection systems

A comprehensive range of Furse copper and aluminium conductors are available in each of the main world standard formats, i.e. flat tape, solid circular and stranded. Additionally each format is available in a variety of conductor sizes, to meet differing lightning protection and earthing requirements.

The following sizes are suitable for the majority of above ground lightning protection systems:

  • Flat tape conductor
    25 x 3 mm bare tape, or 25 x 3mm PVC covered tape
  • Solid circular conductor
    8 mm diameter bare or PVC covered solid circular conductor
  • Stranded conductor
    70 mm² bare or PVC covered stranded conductor

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