Data & signal protection

Data and signal lines routed outside buildings, whether underground or overhead, are susceptible to lightning induced transient overvoltages and subsequent downtime.

Lightning, by its very nature, radiates a high energy electromagnetic field. Communication cables, data and telemetry lines act as ‘aerials’ capturing this energy. Its path to earth may well be through the sensitive inputs of electronic equipment.

Therefore in order protect this equipment, Furse SPDs should be installed at service entrance and local to equipment (to BS EN 62305) on all incoming / outgoing data & telecoms lines.

Furse data & signal SPDs are made for:

  • Twisted pair networks and 4-20 mA loops
  • 3-wire and RTD systems
  • Telephone and ISDN lines

For specific systems SPDs from Furse including CCTV and Rail, you can view our range here.

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