FurseWELD exothermic welding powder

Furse exothermic welding powder contains granules of copper oxide and aluminium, and is designed for use with FurseWELD moulds for forming permanent electrical connections.

Once safely ignited, the resulting exothermic reaction reduces the weld powder to molten copper alloy which melts the retaining disc and flows into the weld cavity, partially melting the conductors.

This molten copper alloy then cools to leave a fusion weld of great mechanical and electrical integrity.

Product details 

  • Powder cartridge required for each joint to be made
  • FurseWELD moulds should only be used with FurseWELD powders, handle clamps and accessories. If moulds, powders, handle clamps and accessories from other manufacturers are
    utilized, we cannot guarantee the safe use or the integrity of the completed joint.
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