FurseWELD® Remote Ignition System

The FurseWELD Remote Ignition system is a safe, efficient and cost-effective method of igniting exothermic welding powder when creating high quality electrical connections. 

Like all FurseWELD products, the Remote Ignition System uses the high temperature reaction between powdered copper oxide and aluminium to create fault tolerant electrical connections without any external power or heat source.

Features & benefits: 

  • Creates high quality electrical connections
  • Removes the need to use ignition starter powder with a traditional flint gun, allowing ignition to be conducted from a safe distance whilst also reducing exposure to smoke and fumes.
  • Completely portable and rechargable
  • Can be used safely with minimum training
  • Stainless steel protective hood - used to contain sparks from exothermic reaction and reduce smoke and fumes
  • Creates guaranteed ignition spark unlike traditional methods
  • Range of moulds designed to work with all common conductor formats including flat tape, stranded cable and solid circular

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FurseWELD® Remote Ignition System

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