Mains power protection

Wherever computers and other electronic equipment are connected to a mains power supply, they are at risk from transient overvoltages caused by electrical switching or the secondary effects of lightning. This leaves this equipment prone to data loss and disruption, as well as component degradation and damage.

It can also lead to costly systems downtime, meaning lost productivity, product spoilage, delays for customers and sales lost to competitors. 

Therefore to prevent this, install protection at the main distribution board (service entrance), sub-distribution board and local equipment to BS 7671, using:

  • Furse lightning current / equipotential bonding SPDs
  • Furse AC power SPDs
  • Furse plug-in SPDs for local sensitive and critical equipment
  • Furse DC power SPDs (including photovoltaic systems)
  • Furse SPDs for 690V wind turbines

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