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ABB Installation Products launch advanced performance, easy-to-install Furse® Surge Protection Series for mains power supplies

For well over a decade, Furse® Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) for mains power supplies has been specified and used by engineers all over the world. We have now applied that technology with advanced capabilities and packaged them within a compact unit.

Now the new Furse® Type 1 & Type 2 Surge Protection Series bring you all the benefits of the original range for mains power supplies, but with additional innovation for enhanced performance, as well as convenient installation and maintenance.

This Type 1 and Type 2 tested (to BS EN 61643) Surge Protection Series is designed for use on the main and sub-distribution boards, particularly where a Lightning Protection System (LPS) is employed, for equipotential bonding.

Amongst the upgraded features are a new pluggable module design (with anti-vibration locking clip and health indicator) which allows for simple maintenance and replacement at end-of-life. There is also a remote status indication facility (with fast-fit toolless push terminal) which allows a useful pre-failure warning to be connected to a Building Management System (BMS), buzzer or lighting.

Explore the new Furse Surge Protection Series in our brochure here >>

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