Specific systems protection

Lightning can wreak havoc on unprotected closed circuit TV systems, affecting cameras, recorders, amplifiers and monitors. Any nearby lightning activity can cause massive transient overvoltages on CCTV video lines, threatening the whole system with picture loss and disruption, degradation of circuitry and a shortened equipment lifespan.

All CCTV video cables which run outside or between buildings are susceptible to these transient overvoltages, exposing the entire system to lightning damage and businesses to costly system downtime.

The Furse range of equipotential bonding and transient overvoltage SPDs provide fully coordinated protection against transient overvoltages for a wide range of electronic systems including CCTV monitoring and security systems. This range also includes many other SPDs for specific systems such as those used within sectors such as rail, renewable energy and infrastructure.

Furse specific system SPDs are made for: 

  • Wind turbine systems
  • Photo-voltaic (Solar) panel systems
  • Rail signalling systems and other rail applications
  • Terrestial, cable and satellite TV systems
  • Closed circuit TV systems
  • Coaxial Radio Frequency (RF) systems

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