Telecoms & computer line protection

Lightning, anything up to a kilometre away, can cause devastating transient overvoltages capable of severely damaging telecoms equipment and all business communications along with it.

Many telecom systems will utilise copper cabling for incoming telephone lines, as well as lines travelling between buildings. These external telephone lines act as ‘aerials’, capturing lightning energy and channelling it into the sensitive electronic circuitry. We rely on telephone equipment for all forms of business communication, as well as online or internet-based activities and processes. Therefore, it is absolutely vital these systems are protected.

To ensure the necessary level of protection is achieved, install Furse SPDs at service entrance and local to equipment (to BS EN 62305) on all incoming / outgoing data & telecoms lines.

Furse telecoms & computer line SPDs are suitable for use on: 

  • Telephone, ISDN, DSL and Ethernet lines
  • LSA-PLUS disconnection modules on PBX exchanges

For specific systems SPDs from Furse including CCTV and Rail, you can view our range here.

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