ESP KT & KE Series

The ESP KT & KE Series is a combined Category D, C, B tested protector (to BS EN 61643) suitable for use on ten line LSA-PLUS disconnection modules to PBX telephone exchanges, ISDN and other telecoms equipment with LSA-PLUS disconnection modules.

For use at boundaries up to LPZ 0 to protect against flashover (typically the service entrance location) through to LPZ 3 to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Low cost protection for large numbers of data and signal lines
  • Very low let-through voltage (enhanced protection to IEC/BS EN 62305) between all lines
  • Full Mode design capable of handling partial lightning currents as well as allowing continual operation of protected equipment
  • Repeated protection in lightning intense environments
  • Colour of housing distinguishes electrically different protectors - avoids confusion when installed together on the same distribution frame
  • Quick and easy plug-in installation, with ‘bump’ location feedback
  • Under power line cross conditions /PTC versions offer safe disconnection during fault duration. Unit auto-resets once fault corrected
  • At larger installations ESP K10T1/2 and ESP K10T1/PTC provide all in one protection for all ten lines on LSA-PLUS disconnection modules
  • Use the ESP KE10 to provide trouble free earthing for up to ten ESP KT1/2 and ESP KT1/PTC (per disconnection module)
  • ESP K10T1/2 and ESP K10T1/PTC have an integral earth connection, and an external M4 earth bush for use with non-metallic LSA-Plus frames
  • ESP KT1/PTC and ESP K10T1/PTC have resettable overcurrent protection and are rated for power cross faults
  • ESP KT1, ESP KT1/PTC, ESP K10T1 and ESP K10T1/PTC are suitable for telecoms applications in accordance with Telcordia and ANSI Standards
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