OPR 30

OPR: the high pulse voltage, early streamer lightning air terminal

In ongoing collaboration with the CNRS (French National Research Organization), ABB continues to innovate and has developed a new generation of lightning protection devices – the OPR early streamer emission (ESE system). This OPR range delivers improved performance in early streamer initiation and propagation, and represents further progress in terms of lightning protection, operating autonomy and ease of maintenance. These advancements reinforce ABB’s leading position in active lightning protection, with over 200000 installations worldwide.

OPR manufacturing quality

The enviable reputation of ABB OPR is earned through maintaining consistently high manufacturing quality. Before leaving the factory, each OPR’s electronics is tested using a high voltage generator to ensure its performance and ability to conduct lightning discharges. The high voltage output pulses from the OPR are also examined to verify correct amplitude and frequency. The OPR is built to withstand the arduous conditions encountered in service, and its ongoing performance can be monitored simply and quickly using the OPR test set. OPR are made from stainless steel to ensure robust, long-standing performance in handling lightning current.

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