TriLine C

Switchgear cabinets for interior fitting with CombiLine N

Introducing the TriLine C enclosures, designed to seamlessly align with the TwinLine range and effortlessly accommodate CombiLine N modules. Crafted with precision engineering, these enclosures offer a variety of features for faster and more flexible installation.

Key advancements compared to the previous version include the integration of TwinLine flanges into both the top and bottom parts, ensuring optimal compatibility and versatility. The inclusion of TwinLine door handles not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of modern sophistication to the design.

Furthermore, the plinth color has been adapted to RAL9005, delivering a sleek and cohesive aesthetic that effortlessly complements any environment.

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Main benefits

  • 3 delivery options
    • Cabinet with door, rear panel, and top plate
    • Frame with rear panel (order other parts as kit)
    • All cabinet parts as kits
  • Different top and bottom plates closed or with openings for the flanges of the TwinLine range
Quick assembly
  • Installation of CombiLine N modules on WR- and EDF-frame
  • Uniform accessory concept with TwinLine series (lock replacement parts and flanges)
  • Certified electrical distribution solutions according to IEC61439

Main features

  • Cabinet depths: 425 mm and 625 mm
  • Heights: 12 and 14 rack units
  • Widths: 1 to 5 module widths
  • Highly flexible modular construction
  • Efficient interior design
  • Top and bottom plates prepared for the installation of TwinLine flanges
  • Base and lock exchange part of TwinLine series

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