Preconfigurated structures

System pro E power

Preconfigured columns is a collection of configurations ready to use inside e-Design software, DOC module.
This collection offers an optimized incoming main board, able to guarantee an easy and drive cabling. In order to support the choice and the use of these preconfigured columns, here are some tools:

  • "Preconfigurated enclosures documentation" a deep explanation to use and interpret preconfigured columns.
  • "Video tutorial e-Design" giving in few minutes an exhaustive explanation regarding choice and use of preconfigured columns inside e-Design software.
  • "Video MBBS easy cabling" 3D animations representing dynamically distances and dimensions in the System pro E power main bus bar system.
  • "MBBS connection drawing" detailed representation of how to produce copper connection between breaker and main bus bar system.
  • "Video manuals" video representation of System pro E power mounting instruction.
  • "Mounting sequences animation" 3D animation collection reporting the component mounting order.

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