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High current connectors

Where safety, reliability and high-quality are the top priorities for customers.

Connectors for challenging applications.


  • robust housing, robust connectors (withstands loads of up to 2 tonnes)
  • full functionality in ambient temperatures from - 40°C to +100°C (reduces fire risk)
  • vibration proof
  • finger touch protection in order to safeguard the user against electrical shocks
  • suitable for high humidity applications (IP67)
  • low maintanance
  • customer-specific solutions on request


  • 200 - 400 A
  • 4- and 5-poles
  • robust housing, compact design
  • designed for high temperatures
  • high reliability
  • special features on request: vibration resistants screws, seawater resistant housing, harnessed connectors


  • Tunnel contruction, marine, railway, construction sites, mining, military, event technology, chemistry, industry...

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C-Line - 200 A / 250 A

The compact C-Line connectors have a robust plastic housing and are perfect for applications with limited space conditions as well as for certain industries (chemistry, food industry). Additional options allow use in a variety of applications.

B-Line - 250 A / 400 A

The robust  B-Line connectors are ideal for applications (tunneling, mining) where high mechanical loads may arise. Furthermore, numerous options, such as the saltwater resistant housing, make the connectors suitable also for marine applications.

Connector units 200 A ... 400 A

To ensure maximum safety for users, we can offer special connector units:

CUMI (connector unit with mechanical interlock)

CUBC (connector unit with block contactor)

CUCB (connector unit with circuit breaker)

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